The Monroe City Council and the Monroe Economic Development Commission commit themselves to the long-range economic well-being of its Citizens. The City’s interest is to maintain an on-going progressive plan to enhance and secure job opportunities yet sustain its existing economic health and prosperity. The City Council believes strongly in maintaining a forefront position that is ready to procure new business by soliciting and/or providing aid utilizing grant resources. As a result, the City Council created the first incentive grant program in Union County.

The economic development grant program addresses this mission through allocation of City resources, as The Monroe City Council deems necessary, to respond to proposals from new or existing manufacturing, processing, warehousing, distribution, headquarters, alternative energy or data processing enterprises. These new or expanding industries will add new job opportunities and promote a better quality of life for our Citizens in addition to sustaining the integrity of the City; broadening the tax base; and generating growth and development.

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North Carolina Emerges As An Aerospace Manufacturing Hub

07 December 2017 - PwC recently put North Carolina as No. 4 in the U.S. for the 2017 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings. What is causing the aerospace industry to flock to the "First In Flight" state?

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